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See how our smart technology solutions enhanced lifestyles in these New York spaces.


Beautiful and Artistic Townhouse

Beautiful and Artistic Townhouse

Modern Tribeca Loft

Modern Tribeca Loft


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    With gorgeous architecture, great location, and stunning décor, the only thing missing from this Upper East Side townhome was a technology system to match. The Electronic Environments team designed a comprehensive home automation solution that gave the homeowners effortless control of lights, climate, media, and more.

    The homeowners wanted a full-scale security system to protect their home and loved ones. To achieve that level of safety while also making life easier for the homeowners, Electronic Environments created a security solution that included strategically placed surveillance cameras, smart door locks, and a child monitoring system to keep track of the little ones. To check on the home while at work or on vacation, the homeowners can simply pull out their phones to view live footage of each room.

    The home features top-quality entertainment throughout multiple rooms. Electronic Environments designed and installed a home theater with dual displays and a custom drop-down lift for the HD projector, as well as a hidden motorized screen that lowers at the push of a button—creating the perfect environment for watching a movie or TV show. To support ultra HD streaming, the home also got an enterprise-grade networking solution.

    Of course, the homeowners don’t always have to go to the theater room if they want to catch a flick. The family room, staff room, poker room, master sitting room, master bedroom, playroom, and gym all have televisions that are part of the central control system, so each one can be accessed from the same remote or smartphone. They also wanted to be able to enjoy music throughout their home, so Electronic Environments installed a multi-room music solution in all the public areas and even the outdoor spaces. High-quality invisible speakers give excellent sound without cluttering the home’s design.

    From security to energy management to entertainment, this home automation system elevates the luxury lifestyle in every way possible.


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    As one homeowner in the Upper East Side discovered, enjoying the latest technology doesn’t have to come at the expense of your property’s décor and design. This townhome received a full home automation solution that not only aided with security, comfort, and convenience, but also helped to enhance the beauty of the home.

    For entertainment, Electronic Environments designed and installed a custom home cinema with a hidden HD projector and screen, complete with AV distribution system and enterprise-grade network to make it super easy to stream movies and TV shows in the best quality possible.

    The room chosen for the theater had a gorgeous skylight in the ceiling, which posed a challenge when creating the perfect theater environment. To keep the skylight’s natural light, Electronic Environments designed a custom motorized shading solution that automatically blocks out the sun whenever the projector turns on. Multiple shades allow the homeowner to choose the exact level of lighting they want in the space at any given time.

    Motorized shades can be found throughout other areas of the home as well. The front of the townhouse boasted 25’ high windows, so Electronic Environments installed floor-to-ceiling motorized shades that could control the lighting levels on both the first and second stories.

    While there are HD televisions located throughout the home, including the gym, study, and recreation room, certain spaces required some extra finesse in making the screen blend seamlessly into the décor. For the master bedroom, Electronic Environments installed a 55-inch television hidden behind a customized artwork lift—when not in use, the room displays a beautiful piece of artwork, but that artwork can silently disappear whenever it’s time to watch a TV show or movie.

    High-fidelity speakers are in practically every area—in-wall, in-ceiling, landscaping, and visual performance wherever they fit best. From their smartphone, tablet, or remote, the homeowners can easily adjust the music playlists, volume, and more, no matter which room they’re in.

    With an integrated security system, HVAC control, lighting control, intercom, whole-home media, and more, this townhouse has all of the top-quality technology needed to make life better every day.


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    This Tribeca loft had a fantastically modern look and feel, so it made perfect sense to infuse the space with the latest smart technology. The open-concept design of the loft made it important that all of the devices and media equipment easily blend into the space.

    To achieve this goal, Electronic Environments designed a complete media solution that included concealed speakers, distributed audio/video, and expertly installed televisions that kept the clutter of cords completely hidden from view. The shower even has waterproof speakers in the ceiling. A custom pop-up television lift was the perfect fit for the open-concept layout—the television cabinet is portable, so it can be used in multiple spaces, and the television can rotate a full 180-degrees for viewing in two separate rooms.

    One of the most impressive aspects of the home was the abundance of windows—the New York City skyline was on display in practically every room. But with so many windows, solar heat gain and annoying sun glare can be an issue. Electronic Environments installed motorized shades that could lower automatically or at the push of a button to block out the sun whenever needed. The shades are practically invisible when not in use, so the New York skyline is still center stage.

    The loft uses Crestron technology throughout the spaces, from the gym to the billiard room to the master bathroom. By centralizing everything on one system, Electronic Environments created a home automation solution that makes it super simple to adjust each room in seconds. From the same smartphone or tablet, the loft homeowners can adjust the temperature, brighten the lights, change the music playlist, lower the window shades, and more.

    The system truly was the perfect fit for the loft’s modern feel. 


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