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Stream Your Media with Whole-House Video Distribution

A Simple Button-Press Brings Your Movies Straight to You

Stream Your Media with Whole-House Video Distribution

Catching up on your favorite films and TV shows isn’t always easy when you have so much going on – and once you fall behind on one series, the others are sure to pile up behind it. But what if you could watch movies wherever you go in your home – and never miss a scene? Imagine your media streaming across any display throughout your New York, NY home. With whole-house video distribution, this is possible in your everyday life.

A simple press of a button brings your media right to you, at any moment, no matter where you are in your living space. Keep reading below to find out more about this innovative AV system for your entire home.

Whole-House Audio: Music in Every Room

Multi-Room Music & 2-Channel Audio Brings the Tunes Right to the Homeowner!

Whole-House Audio: Music in Every Room

If you’re an interior designer, then you know that the quality of a home audio system will impact how a homeowner experiences their home as a whole. Music can complement and even improve nearly every situation at home, from everyday tasks and routines to social events and gatherings.

So, how can you ensure high-end sound reaches every room in a property? Whole-house audio is the solution. At just the press of a button, any and every speaker can come alive and play tunes throughout the whole living space – absolutely transforming the house’s atmosphere.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various high-fidelity speakers that make up an extensive whole-house audio setup – and show you how to bring this customized soundscape to your Southampton, NY clients for the ultimate auditory experience.

What Makes a Lutron Lighting Control System Stand Apart?

Check Out the Key Benefits of this Trusted Brand’s Solutions

What Makes a Lutron Lighting Control System Stand Apart?

Lighting impacts nearly every moment of your day – and night – spent in your home. It can brighten up your routine, set the mood for any occasion, and promote productivity as you work. As lighting is a significant part of your daily lifestyle, you need a home lighting system that is intuitive, advanced, luxurious, and much more. Lutron has the solution for you.

Lutron lighting control system will surpass all your expectations when it comes to home lighting. Lutron is a leading name in the industry for a reason! In this blog, we’ll explore what high-end home lighting can do for your whole Manhattan, NY property – and why Lutron is an absolute go-to for your smart and sophisticated lighting solutions. Keep reading on below to find out more.

High-End Smart Home Technology from Trusted Brands

Which Integrated System Is Best for You: Savant or Crestron?

High-End Smart Home Technology from Trusted Brands

Smart home technology has become more and more popular among homeowners over the past few years – and for good reason! When you can simplify your daily lifestyle and bring your whole day together at the tap of a button, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without these smart systems integrated throughout your Southampton, NY, property.

But before installing your own smart system, you need to consider which brand is the right choice for you and your home. Here, at Electronic Environments, we see the value in two high-end brands in the industry: Savant and Crestron.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits and features of both, so you can determine which system is best to bring to your living space. Find out more by reading on below!