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4 Additions to Make for a Luxury Home Automation Experience

Elevate your lifestyle by integrating these home technologies

4 Additions to Make for a Luxury Home Automation Experience

Ready to revamp your lifestyle and home with the latest smart home technology? You deserve the best in luxury home automation for your New York, NY, home. That’s not possible with off-the-shelf solutions. 

Instead, you should work with a smart home expert that provides solutions that deliver greater luxury, functionality and safety to your space. If you’re planning on upgrading your home, here are the top 4 luxury home automation we recommend.


1. Lighting System

Lighting is a top priority for every home. But in luxury homes, it isn’t only used as a basic utility. Instead, lighting beautifies your home and allows you to create the right atmosphere to match your mood. Not only do lighting control systems make it easy to manage all your lights, but you’ll be able to replace switches with beautiful on-wall keypads. 

Get the perfect lighting every time with intuitive control that makes it easy to pull up your favorite settings (say to read a book or watch a movie) or make adjustments on the go to pull up cool bright lights while cooking and warm, orange hues when it’s time to go to sleep. 

2. Shade Automation

Shades are a convenient home automation addition that offers privacy, comfort, and energy efficiency. Modern shading systems are equipped with solar sensors that allow them to self-adjust according to the sun’s position throughout the day. Before you wake up in the morning, shades rise to let in sunlight and ease you out of sleep based on preset timers. Use apps, touchpads or keypads to adjust shades or take advantage of these automated settings for hands-free control and a comfortable environment.

3. Whole-Home AV

Luxury homes can never be complete without some entertainment features. By adding distributed AV systems, you can transform your residence into an entertainment oasis for the entire family .Every room will have an individual audio and video system that can stream the same content as the rest of the house or something unique to the room. Through your automation system, it’s easy to pull up the content, choose where to play it, and adjust the volume. The best part is that the AV system can be concealed within the décor to ensure your home’s aesthetics aren’t affected.

4. Home Surveillance

Home automation systems can also enhance your security. By adding a surveillance system, you can stay connected to your home 24/7, even when you’re away.From anywhere in the world you can look in on what is going on in your home, lock doors and activate your alarm. Let our team set up personalized notifications so you receive an alert if someone is at the front door, a door is left unlocked or the kids make it home from school. 

Electronic Environments can help you experience the best in luxury home automation. We work with the top residential brands that offer premium-grade products. Our team will come up with a tailormade plan, depending on your requirements and daily routine.Call us or fill out our contact form to get started on your next project! 


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