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5 Ways to Take Your Dedicated Home Theater from Good to Great

Electronic Environments Can Customize Your Space for Optimal Home Entertainment

5 Ways to Take Your Dedicated Home Theater from Good to Great

What do you see when you think of the perfect setup for your dedicated home theater space? The large video screen and 4K projector are most likely at the top of your list. But, then, you might consider the comfy seating and the high-quality audio, which also enhance the movie-watching experience.

Those are all essential items needed to make an enjoyable home theater, but some additional less-flashy considerations can take your space from good to great. At Electronic Environments, we know dedicated home theater spaces, and we'd love to help you take movie nights up a notch in your New York, NY home.

Continue reading for five items that can enhance your cinematic experiences.

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The Perfect Location

Location, location, location - where will you put your dedicated home theater? Do you already have a space in mind? Choosing the right place for your theater is essential for sound and visual quality. Here are some tips for finding a suitable space:

  • Choose a room with high ceilings.
  • Find a space without windows or outside ambient light.
  • Choose a room that is large enough to contain the seating you want to include.
  • Find an area separated from other family spaces to avoid sound disturbances.

Hide the Wires

This next item may seem picky, but hiding your electronic and speaker wires helps enhance the look and safety of the space. Wires hanging from the walls are unsightly, and those lying on the ground can create a tripping hazard and make your equipment look sloppy. If you need help with wiring, we've got you covered.


The sounds in your movie room will be much more enjoyable if they aren't conflicting with other sounds from inside your home, like your children yelling at video games or a home workout session. So not only will soundproofing your room help to minimize the disruption from outside sounds, but it will also help to contain the excitement of your movie inside your space.

Lighting Design

We've always recommended a home theater lighting design to take movie night up a notch. Would you like to watch your movie with the lights dimmed or maybe under a twinkling ceiling of star lights? Either way, lighting adds to a room's ambiance, and lighting controls can make navigating complex lighting patterns and settings a breeze. Ask us for more information on home lighting controls.

Surround Sound

Installing a home theater without surround sound is a miss; however, it's more common than you think. When you watch a movie, you want an immersive experience, and being engulfed in sound brings this to life. Surround sound adds so much more excitement and intrigue to the movie-watching experience. We can help you choose a system that meets your expectations.

Contact us at Electronic Environments for tips on taking your dedicated home theater in New York, NY, from good to great. We'd love to help!


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