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Brighten Up Your Spaces with a Lighting Control System

How this Smart Solution Can Elevate Your Home this Summer!

Brighten Up Your Spaces with a Lighting Control System

Summertime is here, and with it, you might find yourself getting out into the New York City sunshine or retreating into your cool living space. But if you’re planning to beat the heat indoors, you want your NY home to be the ultimate oasis for you and your family.

Innovative lighting control systems can open up and brighten spaces to make any day at home one to remember. In this blog, we’ll dive into what your smart lighting solutions can do for your daily lifestyle and help you make the most of your time at home this season. Find out more by reading on below!

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Invigorate Your Spaces with a Tap of a Button

Lighting can be transformative for your whole home. If you want your property to go from a dark, dimly lit atmosphere to one that brightens on command, you’ll need a proper lighting control system in place.

On a whim, illuminate any room and your whole living space with just the press of a button on your smart device of choice. Prepare meals in your kitchen with the natural sunlight gleaming in, brighten up your home office as you hit that afternoon slump, or catch up on a new book by a candlelight-like glow in the evenings. Brighten or dim as you please and make adjustments throughout the day with zero hassle. A smart lighting system accommodates your daily needs, from morning to evening.

A Fully Integrated Lighting Control System

As we’ve mentioned above, your lighting control system can meet your needs and preferences at all points of the day. But when you integrate other smart solutions into the system, you’ll create the ultimate home environment within seconds.

By making motorized shades a part of your fully integrated lighting system, you can find new ways to revitalize your home every day. Wake up to automated shades gradually rising in your bedroom to let in the gentle summer sunshine in the morning. Your lights slowly brighten as you move to the bathroom and then down the hallway and into the kitchen, every fixture adjusting along the way. An integrated smart thermostat lets you set your ideal temperature with ease, creating the perfect, comfortable home atmosphere always.

Raise your shades when you want to bask in the sunrays and then lower them when the sun gets too intense. Your lighting fixtures automatically accommodate for the loss of light. You can even set up your lighting and shading to operate while you’re away from home as well, creating the illusion that your house is occupied even when you’re miles away on vacation or at work. The benefits of a whole-home lighting system are endless.


Want to find out more about what a lighting control system can bring to your daily lifestyle and how it can brighten up your home this summer? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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