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Custom Media Room Installation Improves the Aesthetics of the Space

Our Team Creates a Unique Entertainment Space for Homeowners

Custom Media Room Installation Improves the Aesthetics of the Space

A media room offers a variety of benefits and features to a homeowner. It’s the ultimate gathering space, the go-to spot for movie nights and TV show premieres, and the perfect hangout for chatting while mindless television shows play in the background. How this space looks and feels is impactful. So, when homeowners consider a media room installation – they look to your expertise as an interior designer.

However, you don’t need to know the ins and outs of audio-video systems and automated solutions to bring the perfect media room installation to your Manhattan, NY clients. Our team at Electronic Environments is here to ensure your design plans coordinate seamlessly with the technical and build aspects of the project.

Want to learn how working with us is of value to you and your upcoming media room projects? Just keep reading on below.

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How a Media Room Transforms Every Viewing

A media room that functions as a space for a multitude of situations and events is extremely appealing to homeowners. As an interior designer, you aim to make every space in the home an inviting one – and the media room is no exception. Whether the homeowner wants traditional standing speakers and a large flatscreen or more subtle solutions like in-wall speakers and hidden screens, there are options for every type of setup.

Digital artwork or mirrors can enhance the décor of the room, then transform into a viewing screen once the homeowner is ready to start the movie or show. As soon as the media is through, the screen can turn back to its aesthetically pleasing piece when not in use.

How Electronic Environments Can Help

Would you like to bring this level of immersion and entertainment to life on a homeowner’s property? There are many differences between a multipurpose media room and a dedicated home theater, but it all comes down to the aesthetics of the space. With your design expertise, a media room can draw everyone in and provide a comfy setting to either catch up or fire up the next episode of a hit show.

Our team at Electronic Environments aims to make the entire installation process a breeze for you and every team involved. We’ll work to combine form and function along with the essential technical aspects – all integrating effortlessly with your design plans. The final result will always be what your clients had envisioned from the outset, surpassing their expectations every time. 


Bring the perfect media room installation and design to your Manhattan homeowners with ease! For your upcoming projects, give our team at Electronic Environments a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to working with you.


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