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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Tunable Lighting

Give Your Physical and Mental Health a Boost with Your Home Lighting System

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Tunable Lighting

Lighting has many transformative properties. But did you know that your home lighting can have a profound impact on both your physical and mental health? With tunable lighting, you can take you and your family’s well-being into your own hands.

Imagine your New York, NY home’s lighting system working to continually give you a boost of needed energy and motivation on a daily basis! Keep reading below to find out more about this smart solution.

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What is Tunable Lighting?

Tunable lighting has a variety of different names, such as human-centric lighting or circadian lighting, but perhaps the latter explains the concept best: a lighting system that keeps your circadian rhythm in balance from morning to night.

As we tend to stay inside the home most of the day, and especially this year, we stay out of natural sunlight that our body and mind crave. This lack of natural lighting can throw off our circadian rhythms, and when that happens, you’ll start to notice. You’ll feel groggier and less driven to go about your everyday tasks. To get your rhythm back on track, tunable lighting will mimic the sunlight and adjust accordingly just as the sun makes its way across the sky.

How the Lighting Works

Mimicking the sun starts with the sunrise and continues with the sun’s journey all the way to sunset. This means your lights will automatically adjust their color hue and tone to create an ideal illuminated environment right in your own home.

You’ll wake up to warmer tones in your bedroom every morning, giving you time to adapt to your wake-up call and get you ready to start your day. Lights will shift to bluer white lighting during the day, as studies show this tone of lighting is great for productivity and efficiency. As the evening approaches, your lights will change back to those warmer tones that feel almost like a candle-light glow. Your fixtures will get you winded down from your busy day and prepare you for bedtime.

With this routine in place, your circadian rhythm will stay in balance – you’ll get a great night’s sleep every night and wake up ready to face the day, feeling energized and motivated every morning! Overall, everyone in the house will benefit both physically and mentally.

Ketra Lighting from Lutron

For your family to benefit from tunable lighting, you need a trusted lighting system in place. That’s why our team at Electronic Environments works with Ketra Lighting from Lutron. A Ketra circadian lighting system can ensure your whole property responds and adjusts to mimic natural lighting from the beginning of the day to the evening and every moment in between.

Our integrators can bring this solution to life in your living space. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!



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