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Gain Peace of Mind with a Savant Access Control System

Know Who Is at Your Door at All Times!

Gain Peace of Mind with a Savant Access Control System

Whether you’re home or away, maintaining control over your New York, NY home’s entryways is a top priority! While so many other aspects of your day might be out of your control, having your smart home security under your command is always a way to gain peace of mind.

To alleviate your worries, Savant offers an innovative access control system that can keep you in the know at all times. Want to find out more about this video door station and how it can eliminate your fears whether you’re at home or across the globe? Just keep reading on below. 

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Complete Communication with Your Entryways

The Savant 2N is a video door station that provides advanced communications between you and those on the other side of all your doors and entryways. Whether it’s your front door, side doors, garages, or gates – your Savant access control has every entrance covered. With a wide-angle HD camera that can capture video of anyone or anything at the door, the door station’s two-way intercom also allows you to speak with those on the other end.

Answer the Door from Your Phone

You might be expecting plenty of foot traffic at your front door – deliveries, house cleaners, pet sitters, or friends dropping something off – you name it, and you suddenly need to be at your door answering it. But what if you could answer from your phone, whether you’re in the house or not? Using the Savant app, you can access your door station’s camera to see who is there. Then, communicate with them and let them know if you’re coming to the door or where they can leave a package. You can even let them in via the app!

Instant Action – Always

The moment movement is detected, or noise is heard near the Savant 2N – or if even more obviously, someone is messing with the door station’s keypad – then your system can immediately fire up the 135-degree video view from the camera. You can set and adjust these alerts to your liking determining what will set your system off – plus, what instant notifications and updates you’d like sent directly to your phone when something goes on or is amiss. 

Check Video History at Any Time

When your Savant 2N captures video, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the footage if you aren’t there to view it immediately or can’t pull it up on your phone right away. You can access your recorded video history at any time, giving you the option to view any moment someone has walked up to your door or tampered with the keypad in the slightest. You’ll always be able to check in on your entryways – at the moment or afterward when you have more time to access the situation.

Want to find out more about access control from Savant? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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