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Home Lighting Control Is the Key to Summer Fun

Return to a Relaxing Home in The Hamptons With these Solutions

Home Lighting Control Is the Key to Summer Fun

The holidays are here, and we all know what that means. It is time to get your smart home in Southampton, NY, ready for next summer. 

At Electronic Environments, we design and install smart technology systems for clients across New York, offering industry-leading brands and unparalleled expertise. For most of our clients, home lighting control seems to be the hottest topic ahead of summer, and a top candidate for an update or redesign during the winter holidays. 

Here are three ways to get your smart home lighting control system ready for your next visit to The Hamptons. 

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Customizable Indoors Sunshine

There is nothing like the summer sun. Thanks to human-centric lighting solutions, you can bring sunlight’s intensity, color temperatures, and health benefits into your smart home even on cloudy days. 

Ketra by Lutron offers tunable lights controlled by smart dimmers and intuitive interfaces to optimize your body’s circadian rhythms. Integrating these lighting products into your home has a significant impact on your daily activities, keeping you active through the day and helping you better rest at night. 

It is no surprise to find Ketra lighting features in more and more homes across The Hamptons, given how they can contribute to our unmistakable summer vibe. 

Whether it is an afternoon at home with friends or a night out by the beach, smart lights can set the mood for any occasion. 

Take Control of Real Sunlight

Lutron products reign supreme when it comes to luxury lighting control. Their motorized shades offer the perfect complement for tunable lights, helping you manage natural light throughout your home. 

Motorized shades also can be automated to automatically open and close based on outside lighting conditions. But what for, exactly? By automating window treatments, you will save energy and optimize climate control while reducing UV damage to your furniture and finishes from direct sunlight. 

As an added advantage, automated shades and lighting control are easily integrated with security systems. Are you worried about leaving the house unattended during the winter months? No problem! Schedules shades and lights to adjust throughout the day to simulate activity. 

Outdoor Summer Ambiance

Home lighting control should not be limited to indoor spaces, especially in The Hamptons. After all, there is nothing like a summer barbeque with friends and family in the backyard. 

For such occasions, we partner with Coastal Source to offer you the best outdoor lighting solutions in the market. And like your indoor features and products, we will automate everything for the ultimate entertainment space as the sun sets. 

Remember, summer will be here before we know it, so reach out to us today to get your smart home ready in time. 


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