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How Lighting Impacts Your Routine Throughout Your Home

Home Lighting Control Transforms Your Entire Property

How Lighting Impacts Your Routine Throughout Your Home

Lighting has transformative properties that impact every aspect of your at-home lifestyle. From home wellness and smart security to the overall design and décor of your New York, NY, property – home lighting control can shape your day-to-day.

Lighting automation can also guide you effortlessly throughout your daily routine, from morning to evening and for every moment in between. In this blog, we’ll dive into a few parts of your day where smart lighting has the biggest influence.

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Morning Wake-Up Call

Getting up in the morning should set a precedent for the day ahead. Don’t let ultra-bright bedroom lighting throw you off as soon as you open your eyes! Intelligent lighting solutions ensure you have enough time to adjust to the new day by starting out dim as you wake up – and then gradually brightening as you go about your morning routine.

These same lighting levels can follow youthroughout your hallways and bathroom as you shower and get yourself ready for the day. You’ll eventually see yourself begin to wake up in your mirror, the room now fully illuminated!

Throughout the Day

Whether you want to work in your home office, whip up a new recipe in the kitchen, or relax in the media room – lighting illuminates the possibilities of your next activity or, perhaps, afternoon nap.

Brighten up your office’s lighting fixtures and adjust the color temperature to keep you motivated – but not too harsh on the eyes. Turn on all the lights in your kitchen, including the LED strips under your cabinets, to make reading from your recipe books a snap! Ready to doze off on the living room couch? Press a single button to dim all the lights in the room to a nice glow, helping you lull into a cozy slumber.

End of Day

As you wrap up your day, you can sit and relax in your family room with a good book under a candle-light glow emitting from a nearby reading lamp. Enjoy a fireside chat with your family or friends in the dining room with fire-like lighting coming from your fixtures, signaling it’s the end of the day and getting you ready for sleep in just a few hours.

Once you’re ready to go to bed, press one button to turn off every interior lighting fixture throughout your property all at once. Then, your landscape lighting can illuminate, or you can set fixtures to turn on gradually as the sun sets. Your lighting control system isentirely in the palm of your hand!


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