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How to Choose the Right AV Company For Your Next Project

Electronic Environments Checks All of the Boxes

How to Choose the Right AV Company For Your Next Project

How many stories have you heard about a terrific experience with a salesperson that turned into a horrific experience when it came time to do the work? Unfortunately, it's a common problem and one you will not have if you choose Electronic Environments as your AV company.

We're a team of helpful professionals, and we agree that gathering quotes is an excellent way to ensure you get the most value from your money. In addition, we want our customers in Manhattan, NY, to know we're giving them the best service. So, if you're going to shop around, here are some things to look for when contracting with a professional AV company.

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Customer Service

A professional AV company should treat every customer with courtesy and respect. When you contact a company, their customer service should be prompt and informative. Do they return your call promptly? And, if a team visits your home for a consultation, they should arrive on time for your appointment. How they treat you in the early stages of a relationship will speak volumes about the customer service you will receive, not only throughout the project but also in the future, if there is a technology issue that would require resolution.

Knowledgeable Employees

Do the AV company employees seem knowledgeable about products and services? If you ask a question, your expectation should be a complete response or a promise for immediate follow-up. A knowledgeable employee should be able to answer most of your questions right on the spot and explain things in a way that you understand. Too often, technical teams will respond with technical jargon, which is not always helpful when working with customers.

Explain Options

Most customers want to see options when choosing AV products, such as high-performance audio or a home theater. These purchases are significant investments, and you want to find the perfect solutions for your home and budget. A helpful AV company will provide options and explain how they compare and contrast. They can also make recommendations based on your space and budget. But, be cautious of a company that doesn't provide options, as they may not have your best interests in mind.

Gather Quotes

Of course, this decision may come down to budget. The AV company you choose to work with will need to prove themselves on the service side and the value side of the equation. If one company is more expensive than the others you spoke to, can you see a quality difference in the services provided? How did customer support and team member expertise compare? When in doubt, always seek out references.

Of course, Electronic Environments would love to be your choice for AV services in Manhattan, NY. If you're comparing us by these metrics, we're sure to check all of the boxes. Fill out our easy contact form to get in touch.


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