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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Audio System

Consider these key features when selecting an AV system for your outdoor space

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Audio System

Summer is almost here, meaning more time is spent outside to enjoy the warmer weather. As you put out the patio furniture and prepare the pool, you might consider other ways to take your outdoor living spaces to the next level. Why not install an outdoor entertainment system?

With just a button tap, you and your family can listen to party music by the pool, cool jazz on the front porch, or live play-by-play action of your favorite football team by the grill. In addition, you can catch up on the latest audiobook or podcast as you work around the yard. But to enjoy this convenience, you need to find the right speaker system.

Learn three key features to consider when selecting an outdoor audio system for your Southampton, NY, home.


Outdoor Speakers

Many homeowners make the mistake of bringing speakers meant for indoor use outside. Indoor speakers are not made to be used in outdoor environments. Not only will they be damaged, but indoor speakers are unable to cover your outdoor spaces with clear sound. Instead, use speakers built specifically for the outdoors. IP-rated speakers are built to withstand the elements and provide a clear and even sound throughout your property. Create a custom system using landscape, patio, in-wall, in-ceiling speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. The result is an incredible audio experience that covers your entire property.

Comprehensive Coverage

A Bluetooth speaker is also a common way to bring audio outside. Unfortunately, it only covers a limited area, and the audio quality is subpar. Experts recommend a comprehensive outdoor audio system to enjoy music outdoors. Wall-mounted speakers, pool speakers, landscape speakers, rock speakers, and buried subwoofers create an immersive sound field. A professional will carefully survey your property and create a custom design that utilizes the existing features of your space to generate incredible sound quality without disturbing neighbors.

Dedicated Audio Zones

Outdoor spaces tend to be expansive. You need a robust system for your audio to cover your backyard, patio, pool, and front yard. One benefit of a smart outdoor audio system is creating separate audio zones. Play a party soundtrack by the pool, a classical playlist in the front yard while you do yoga, and TV audio on the patio. An expert ensures that the zones are easy to control and have minimal overlap. Play music in one or all of the outdoor living area zones. Best of all, it’s easy for your friends and family to connect and share their playlists as well!


Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor living spaces? Electronic Environments offers the best outdoor entertainment solutions for residential areas, including outdoor audio systems and displays. Get in touch today at (212) 997-1110 or fill out an online contact form to get details. 


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