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Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient with Smart Power Solutions

Manage, store, and control energy with smart power systems

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient with Smart Power Solutions

Are you constantly looking for ways to save energy? Maybe you check the rooms every now and then to see if the lights are on or perhaps always set the thermostats at eco-mode. While these tactics may help a little, for larger energy saving, you will need smart power solutions that allow you to view and manage your home’s power from one central hub. Read on to discover how a smart power system can make your Manhattan, New York, home more energy efficient. 


A Complete Report of Your Power Consumption

Smart power systems can give you a detailed report of how much energy is consumed at your home. With energy modules attached to the breaker panels of your home, you can get day-to-day reporting of the energy used up by each individual item. 

From basic power outlets to larger home devices, such as pool pumps, car chargers, etc., you can monitor and get a complete view of the electrical loads. The best part of all is that you can get all this valuable information on a single platform. Using an easy-to-use touch interface, monitoring and managing your home’s energy consumption becomes hassle-free. 

Tools to Manage and Control Energy Consumption

When you know where excessive energy is being consumed, you can become more proactive and start taking measures to reduce energy usage. But with an advanced power system, you no longer have to manually switch off unnecessary lights or other home appliances.

A simplified, user-friendly interface allows you to manage your entire home from one platform to optimize daily savings. For instance, you can pair the lighting and motorized shading systems to ensure you maximize the benefits of natural light during the day and only use home light sources when necessary. Additionally, you can also program the thermostats to consume less energy while you’re not home. After only a month, you will see a considerable decrease in your utility bills. 

You can also switch to using a backup generator to power your home during outages with a press of a button and designate which devices should get to use this backup power. Such tools make smart power even more desirable to homeowners. 

Incorporate smart power solutions into your home today to get utility-grade energy reporting of your home and boost energy efficiency. It’s the perfect way to save thousands of dollars annually and go green. Electronic Environments can help you with the installation. Get started on your energy project by giving us a call at (212) 997 – 1110 or filling out our  contact form for more details. 


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