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Occupancy Sensors Make Going Green a Breeze

A Cost-Effective & Convenient Smart Solution

Occupancy Sensors Make Going Green a Breeze

There’s nothing quite as annoying as being halfway to work or on the road for a week-long vacation – and you suddenly can’t recall if you’ve turned off your bathroom lights. Now, with a smart lighting system, you can simply pull your smartphone out and check your home lighting’s status to turn off any left-on fixtures.

But did you know you can eliminate even this step – all while saving energy and lowering your monthly bills? Occupancy sensors keep your Greenwich, CT, home lit when you’re there and ensure every room’s lighting is turned off when it’s not needed.

Check out how this smart solution can benefit your lifestyle and help you effortlessly reduce your home’s energy usage by reading on below!

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What Can Occupancy Do for Your Home?

Spending time at your home during the day and then leaving it for set periods of time is bound to lead to lighting fixtures remaining on long after the last person has left a room. You might find yourself spending time trying to determine if you need to walk back upstairs to turn off your bedroom lights, for instance. After all, what if you do go back upstairs in half an hour? Should your lights stay on that long with no one benefiting from them? The answer is that they can – but you’d be wasting energy that increases your carbon footprint and raises your monthly costs.

Instead, occupancy sensors take the guesswork and worrying away. Installed throughout your home and in every room, these sensors detect when someone has entered and left the area. Lights turn on in the designated area as soon as someone walks in, remaining on throughout their stay. But with a timed setting, your occupancy sensors tell your lights to turn off 5, 10, 20 minutes, or any interval length after the last person has left.

Effortless, Personalized Whole Home Automation

The best part of occupancy sensors is how simple they are to operate – anyone in your family can do it! You get to decide just how long your lights stay on, and making adjustments isn’t complicated.

Plus, you can integrate more than lighting – add in motorized shades, HVAC control, and more into your occupancy settings. It’s no longer just lights that can turn on and off – in tune with who is in the room. Motorized shades lower when you walk into the kitchen and family room in the morning, AC or heating turn on when you come through the doors after work, and audio video solutions or other appliances like fans turn on or off as well. Your home becomes entirely catered to you, without you ever having to lift a finger!

Lighting fixtures won’t stay on for an empty room, and heating or AC won’t be on full blast while you’re gone. You’ll certainly notice big savings – both in your home energy usage and costs. Since your smart home is only “on” when you’re home, only you will benefit from it – not the empty rooms.

Want to learn more about occupancy sensors for your property? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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