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Savant Makes Energy Management Easier than Ever

Access Racepoint Energy Technology Via Your Savant Pro App

Savant Makes Energy Management Easier than Ever

Do you find that it’s quite easy to let your home’s energy status slip through the cracks? With Savant, you can effortlessly stay on top of your daily home energy usage and what you’re saving and storing. A proper energy management system gives you access and complete control over your Greenwich, CT energy usage and metrics.

Racepoint Energy technology integrated with your Savant system makes it seamless and uncomplicated to keep up with your home’s energy. Find out more about this setup by reading on below!

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What an Integrated System Entails

As mentioned above, combining the one-touch control of Savant with Racepoint Energy’s innovative management delivers an intuitive energy system for your entire property. So, how does this partnership work for your system installation? As your trusted Savant integrator, we’ll work with Racepoint Energy to bring a system that specifically fits your home and project’s needs.

What can this project include? Whether you’re looking for solar photovoltaics and panel installation or traditional generators, we can integrate both into your Savant setup along with onsite energy storage systems. These systems include lithium-ion batteries, built-in fire suppression, thermal energy management, and grid-forming inverter technology – all in their indoor-outdoor enclosure.

Additionally, Racepoint’s Dynamic Load Management feature automatically monitors and manages your energy usage to provide maximum value at minimum expenses. This feature incorporates energy modules with built-in utility-grade energy reporting, letting you access data for your Savant Lighting and Savant Climate solutions.

Manage Everything via the Savant Pro App

The integration of Racepoint Energy’s storage systems and Savant doesn’t only make it possible to manage your existing Savant smart solutions’ energy usage – it makes it as uncomplicated for you as possible!

You won’t have to utilize a new interface to view your home’s energy data and information. This seamless integration means you can access Racepoint’s features and your home’s energy consumption and production, all via the Savant Pro App. It’s instant one-touch control and monitoring of your smart solutions and their energy management right from your smart device.

Want to learn more about an integrated Savant system with Racepoint Energy technology for your property’s energy management? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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