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Save Energy & Protect Your Properties with Lutron Occupancy Sensors

In Both Residential & Commercial Spaces, You Can Benefit from This Smart Solution

Save Energy & Protect Your Properties with Lutron Occupancy Sensors

Leaving lights on long after you’ve left the room is incredibly relatable – we all do it! But while this easy mistake is common, it can, unfortunately, lead to higher electricity bills and wasted energy. So how can you prevent this issue in your Manhattan, NY home or business? The solution is occupancy sensors from Lutron.

This smart feature can lower energy usage and even create a safe environment throughout the space. Find out how by reading on below.

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Save Energy Throughout Your Property

Whether it’s your home or office building, you want to bring energy efficiency to the space – and occupancy sensors are one guaranteed way to lower your energy usage. Installed throughout the property, these products detect when the last person has left the room and wait a set amount of time before automatically turning off the lighting fixtures. They can even dim your lights naturally until going completely dark.

When employees leave a conference room and forget to turn off the overhead lighting, or when you’re rushing to leave the house and accidentally leave a random lamp on upstairs, you don’t have to worry about it – your occupancy sensors take over and ensure every light turns off in due time. As a result, you’ll notice the dip in the monthly bills, as well as improved energy management. Installed occupancy sensors are the easiest, hassle-free way to help your space go green.

Safe, Well-Lit Spaces

Not only do Lutron occupancy sensors help you save energy, but they also create a safer space throughout your residential or commercial property. Just as sensors turn off the lights when they detect someone has left the room – they also sense the moment someone enters a room.

This feature creates convenience as employees walk into a new office area or boardroom or when you’re going about your day throughout your home – but it also ensures your safety! When areas are immediately illuminated upon entry, you eliminate the chance of tripping or stumbling through the dark. Well-lit rooms are safer rooms for everyone. Not to mention that brightened office spaces can keep late-night workers feeling safer well into the evening and through the darkest hours of the night.

Want to learn more about what occupancy sensors from Lutron can do for your home or business? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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