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Save Energy With Occupancy Sensors Throughout Your Home

Create an Energy-Efficient & Inviting Living Space

Save Energy With Occupancy Sensors Throughout Your Home

We’ve all done it: leaving lights on throughout the house can feel almost habitual because it’s so easy to do. For many homeowners, it’s quite common to forget that certain fixtures have remained turned on all day! Not only can this happen while you’re at home, but it’s even more frustrating when you leave for work or are on a long vacation, and you suddenly realize your bathroom or kitchen lights are still on.

While smart home automation can help you turn them off the moment you remember, no matter where you are, right from your mobile device – this doesn’t undo the energy that’s been wasted, nor the higher bills that will come your way.

With occupancy sensors, you can rest assured that only the necessary lights are on, while the others are not. In this blog, we’ll dive into how this smart solution can help you better manage your New York, NY home’s energy – and how they can elevate its overall atmosphere as well.

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How Occupancy Sensors Help

Occupancy sensors take the guesswork out of your energy management. You might be on top of every lighting fixture’s status and remember to press a button to turn off every light indoors before you go to bed – or before you leave for work. But there’s no need to add those tasks to your routine.

Imagine your lighting turning on only when someone is in the room to utilize it – and shutting off only moments after the last person leaves the room. Occupancy sensors can bring this acute level of detection to your whole living space. Unlike motion sensors, occupancy sensors don’t just track when someone has walked in or out of the area. They can account for smaller, detailed movements and gestures, like when someone isn’t walking around the room but is sitting at a desk or watching TV. Your occupancy sensors can even acclimate to your daily lifestyle and adapt to your personal patterns and preferences.

Once a person has left a room or designated area, your lights can turn off after a determined amount of time. This works for every area of your home, but especially so for high-traffic areas and even playrooms. When kids are running in and out of these spaces, it can be impossible to keep up with when they’ve officially settled down in a different part of the home, and you are then finally able to shut off the lights. Now, your occupancy sensors can do the job for you with zero hassle.

Integrate Other Smart Solutions for an Enhanced Space

Why limit your occupancy sensors to just your lighting automation? By integrating other smart solutions, such as motorized shades, your HVAC system, and more, you can create a welcoming home environment.

There’s nothing like walking into a room and having it meet your needs without needing to press a button or say a command. Instead, your mere presence will set the room into motion. When you enter your foyer after a long day at work, your HVAC system can adjust to the comfortable temperature you’ve grown accustomed to during the particular season. The motorized shades in your family room can raise once you walk in, and your lights can turn on as you go throughout the rest of your property. Once you leave an area, unnecessary features can turn off in due time.

You get to decide the levels and settings for each room and area and have a space that is perfect for you and your family – as well as friends and guests, who will find your home both welcoming and hospitable.


Overall, you’ll notice an incredible reduction in your home’s energy usage, as well as a lowering in your monthly bills. Create an energy-efficient home and enjoy all the benefits of occupancy sensors today. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here – we’d love to hear from you!

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