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Say the Word & Illuminate Your Home with Lutron & Voice-Controlled Lights

With Josh, Managing Your Home Lighting Is a Breeze

Say the Word & Illuminate Your Home with Lutron & Voice-Controlled Lights

Operating the smart lighting throughout your home just got as easy as saying a single word! While tapping a button on your smart device still illuminates your entire Greenwich, CT property in a matter of seconds – voice-controlled lights now keep your home properly lit without ever lifting a finger. Now that Lutron and have partnered to bring an advanced and intuitive lighting setup, you can manage your whole home’s system with zero hassle.

Keep reading below to find out how this pairing from two trusted and innovative brands can shed light on endless possibilities for your daily at-home routine and everyday living.

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Lutron & The Ultimate Combo

Combine the features of both a comprehensive lighting control system from Lutron with the power of voice control from The end result is voice-controlled lights that make brightening up your entire home easier than ever before.

The partnering of these two brands led to an intuitive Ready Wallplate that features the elegant design of Lutron keypads, joined with the Josh Nano – the built-in microphone for voice control. This combined power means you can tap a button to make adjustments just as easily as speaking the actions into existence with only a quick and simple voice command.

Luxurious Privacy, Always

At first, you might wonder – are brightened spaces with only a voice command worth losing your sense of privacy? Unfortunately, voice control gets a bad rap, because other devices will often sell your information to third-party marketing companies. However, does no such thing!

You can freely use Josh without ever worrying that your private information is getting sold off. Whenever Josh learns from your voice command and pattern of speech, it is only to help make the daily experience in your home with voice control even better. However, you can turn off this feature if you’d like. Josh puts the control entirely in your hands – and in your voice.


Want to find out even more about Lutron and’s voice-controlled lights? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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