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Transform Your Home Into a More Comfortable Space with Motorized Shades

Shade automation offers unmatched convenience and hassle-free control

Transform Your Home Into a More Comfortable Space with Motorized Shades

Motorized window treatments have become an integral part of luxury homes because they offer automated control of natural lighting and convenient indoor climate control.

By integrating this smart home solution into your New York, NY residence, you can also increase privacy and security. Ultimately, homeowners can seamlessly blend this technology into any room of their home while adding one-touch control to light management.

Read on to discover why our team loves to incorporate motorized shades into our clients’ homes!


Regulates Temperature in Every Season

Regardless of the season, automated shades allow homeowners to regulate the temperature inside their homes. During the summer or unseasonably warm autumn months, shades act as a heat deflector and protect your living spaces from becoming too warm. Add sensors on the windows, and the shades will automatically lower once the room becomes a specified temperature.

In cooler months, shades rise automatically when a room becomes too cool so that warming, natural light enters the space. With these automatic shade controls, your HVAC system doesn’t need to work unnecessarily, thereby saving you money on your energy bills and adding a new level of convenience to your daily routines.

Light Filtration and Complete Blackout Effects

Motorized shades come in various levels of opacity, from fully opaque blackout curtains to light-filtering sheer shades. You’ll be able to choose the perfect complement to any room’s decor while also meeting your desired light needs. All shade fabrics offer some degree of UV protection, so your family, decor, and artwork are all protected from sun damage.

Sheer roller shades lower at the tap of a button or according to a preset schedule so you can preserve your beautiful New York skyline views while also reducing any harsh glare. Other shading fabrics offer a blackout effect to create a perfectly dark environment. Whether you want complete darkness in the home theater or your bedroom, this option prevents ambient light from leaking into the room.

Our team can also add a dual-shade combination to spaces like your bedroom or media room so you can enjoy filtered light during the day and a blackout effect at night.

Simple Control From Everywhere

As we mentioned above, you can schedule your motorized window treatments to operate according to a schedule, but you can also use an on-wall keypad, smart remote, Savant touchscreen display, or your smartphone! Raise one shade, an entire bay of windows, or the entire home’s assortment of window treatments with a simple tap or swipe of your finger. Convenience, comfort, energy savings, and security are all at your fingertips!

We’re Your Shading Partner

Are you ready to add a layer of luxury to your home? Electronic Environments offers the best shade automation solutions for residential spaces. Call (212) 997-1110, or fill out an easy contact form to get in touch.


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