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Upgrade Your Smart Home Technology with the Newest Tech

Stay Current with Technology Trends in Your Southampton Home

Upgrade Your Smart Home Technology with the Newest Tech

Are you a fanatic for keeping up with the latest trends in technology? If you are, you’ll be excited to read about some of the newest trends coming your way from leading brands like Savant and Lutron. These latest innovations are sure to take your vacation home experiences in Southampton, NY, up a level. 

Smart home technology is constantly evolving and improving. The latest tech themes are sustainability, networking, integration, and customization. Continue reading to learn about these new solutions and how they could improve your summertime living.

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Smart Energy

Earlier this year, Savant had been generating buzz around their new smart energy solutions. And so, through a partnership, Savant will soon be launching onsite microgrid solutions for homes. This new product is timely, following a season when portions of the country have struggled with grid reliability due to extreme temperatures, acts of nature, and weather events such as hurricanes that have caused disruption. As a result, homeowners are starting to consider what a microgrid solution could look like to provide their homes with a more reliable power source.

The Savant offering would allow solar panels or generators to power your home in the event of an outage. In addition, Savant’s app can monitor your daily power usage and provide easy access to manage loads if the power goes out.

This smart technology would be fantastic for vacation homeowners who aren’t in residence year-round. It would allow you to keep an eye on things, like the power going out, even when you’re not there.

Smart Networking

Suppose you find your network and Wi-Fi solutions unreliable in your Southampton home. In that case, this next Savant innovation may be an excellent way to bring greater resiliency to your home office. 

Savant has introduced the new Savant Network AI, with a release planned for early next year. This cutting-edge, enterprise-grade network system will provide dynamic configuration, device discovery options, and machine-learning analysis of your networking experiences to allow for greater efficiency and network performance.

If you find yourself working from your Southampton home, it would be essential to have reliable network and Wi-Fi experiences, so this may be something to consider.

More Integration & Customization Options

Where are our Lutron fans?! Lutron’s new RadioRA3 control is an upgraded model offering opportunity for greater integration with lights, shades, music, and more. In addition, the new control has a contemporary light bar design that is so easy to find and use - just a simple finger swipe can adjust your light settings

Lutron integrates with more connected brands than any other lighting control. In addition, RA3 will come with Lutron’s LEAP API that saves time on programming integrations and delivers fast performance across devices.

If you’re ready to explore the newest innovations in smart home technology for your Southampton, NY, home, reach out! We’d love to support these enhancements as soon as possible so you can enjoy them all summer.


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