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An Integrated Smart Home Lighting System Shapes Your Day

Illuminate Every Moment with Lutron Lighting & Shading

An Integrated Smart Home Lighting System Shapes Your Day

Smart lighting goes far beyond brightening a room in your Manhattan, NY home in the morning or turning the lights off completely before bed. An integrated smart home lighting system incorporates every lighting fixture and motorized shade in your home to beautifully illuminate your whole property – and with just the tap of a button.

From adding ease to your daily routine to elevating your interiors entirely, an innovative system takes your day-to-day experience at home and transforms it with lighting. Want to learn more about what a smart home lighting system can do for your living space today? Keep reading on below.

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Lighting & Shading, Working Together

Let the light into your day! But how, exactly? A smart home lighting system makes it easy to either enjoy illumination from your stylish fixtures or via natural lighting shining through your windows. Of course, depending on the time of day, you might prefer one over the other – and your smart system can intuitively decide for you.

Based on where the sun is in the sky, your integrated system responds according to your preset adjustments. For example, when you wake in the morning, your motorized shades can gradually rise to let in the warm, gentle lighting; your indoor fixtures will be at a low glow, letting you fully experience the sunrise or morning lighting.

As you go about the day, your lighting fixtures can slowly brighten, while lowering your shades to conceal the harsher sunlight – protecting your interiors and keeping your home from feeling too warm. Only when the sunlight is less intense will your shades rise to let you bask in the natural lighting. Then when the evening rolls in, your shades can remain lowered while your lighting fixtures adjust to a warm glow – preparing you for the end of the day and bedtime.

A Seamless Integration

When two or more smart solutions work well together, you need to ensure their brands and products are compatible under one centralized installation. Luckily, with Lutron – bringing lighting and shading together is their forte. As a leading brand in the industry, Lutron excels at integrating lighting and shading solutions into one setup and providing intuitive management for every feature.

An integrated Lutron lighting system prioritizes your comfort and convenience while maintaining your desired home design. As every fixture and shading model blends in effortlessly with your existing décor and aesthetics – you’ll find that your system only enhances your living spaces and never intrudes on them.

But don’t leave these types of projects to a DIY installation! As your trusted Lutron dealer, our team of experts at Electronic Environments guarantees a flawless implementation every time. In addition, we know the right products and solutions for your specific setup and which fixtures and shades can best benefit your unique preferences.

Want to find out more about bringing an integrated smart home lighting system to your property today? Give our team at Electronic Environments a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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