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How to Create a Video Wall in Your Home

Maximize your home entertainment

How to Create a Video Wall in Your Home

Have you ever sat down to watch something but couldn’t decide? Maybe there’s a game you really want to catch, but your significant other wants to watch the latest episode of their TV show. Or perhaps you want to enjoy a movie while your kids want to play a video game. So how do you choose?

With a video wall, there’s no need for your family members to fight over the remote. Instead, you can all enjoy your entertainment of choice while sitting in the same room on the same couch. By installing a video wall in your Manhattan, NY, there’s no cap on the entertainment you can enjoy at any time. Keep reading to learn more about video walls and how to create one in your home.

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What Is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a wall of displays, typically TVs, arranged next to each other. So you may have four TVs—or even more—arranged in a square covering your whole wall, allowing you to watch different shows or movies all at the same time. While one TV might be set to a news channel, the other could stream your favorite show on Netflix. There’s no limit to a video wall!

Sony TVs

Since one of the best ways to create a video wall is to install multiple TVs on the same wall, you’ll need to find the perfect brand. Sony TVs are great for video walls due to their high resolution, bright colors, crisp image, and the variety of sizes for you to pick and choose from. Perhaps you want one large TV and several smaller displays, or maybe you want a few medium size TVs. You can choose whatever assortment suits you and your family’s entertainment needs.

Savant Video Tiling

With the video that comes with a Savant home automation system, you can get a video wall effect without having to invest in multiple TVs. Savant allows you to create video tiles, which will section off parts of your TV for different channels and sources. For example, you could divide your TV into four squares and have one square playing a movie, another connected to a gaming console, another playing a kid's TV show, and the other showing a football game. You can easily create the tiles on the Savant dashboard and connect different streaming platforms or consoles to each square.

Are you ready to enhance the entertainment in your Manhattan, NY, home? Contact Electronic Environments today! Our expert AV team can help you find the perfect solution to create a video wall with the best technology and platforms on the market. Once everything is seamlessly installed and connected, you’ll experience visual entertainment like never before.


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