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Let There Be Light… Outside!

Outdoor lighting control and AV systems will get you the most out of your backyard

Let There Be Light… Outside!

With winter upon us, there has never been a better time to ask if you are getting the most out of your backyard in Southampton, NY. Otherwise, next summer will come and go, leaving you to ponder the same old question for yet another season. So, what exactly would you need to turn the outside of your smart home into everything it can be? 

At Electronic Environments, we believe that outdoor lighting control and AV systems are part of the answer. That’s why we partner with Coastal Source, bringing lights and speakers designed for optimal performance out in the open!

Read on to learn more about the weatherproof smart devices that will get you the most out of the backyard and any other space outside and around your smart home!

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Uplights, Downlights, Matchlights & Pathlights

Lighting control goes beyond the inside of your smart home, extending well into every corner of the backyard and other outdoor spaces. After all, you never know when or where the right mood could strike! To get there, we will first install a series of Wi-Fi access points and outdoor outlets to ensure every light will be integrated into a home-wide system. Then, we get to deciding the type of fixtures that work best for you.

Coastal Source offers products ranging from Flex Bullet uplights with adjustable heights and an in-ground application to niche LED lights with CMC cabling and six different trim styles for the ultimate in versatility. To top it off, we can also install flex path lights across the yard, each featuring a 55-degree lens for an optimal light spread. So whatever the mood may be, set it up with just a tap of your smartphone!

Seamless System & Device Integration

Another two features of Coastal Source products are their ease of integration with third-party devices and a focus on energy saving. For example, we can automate lights, speakers, and AV systems to work together in creating the ultimate outdoor viewing experience, no matter which brands and products you already own. 

If you opt for a brand new system, Coastal Source is also the industry standard in outdoor speakers. Their Bollard Speaker Family, consisting of subwoofers, satellite speakers, and loudspeakers, is designed to be hidden across the landscape, with large driver areas for higher performance, efficiency, and fidelity across the board. 

Industry-Leading Engineering

Whether it is lights, speakers, or both, Coastal Source’s patented “Defy the Elements” construction technology means every one of their products is built to last. With a professional installation to boot, we promise you won’t ever want to set foot inside again!

Contact us to learn more about what Electronic Environments and Coastal Source can do for you and your smart home!


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