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5 Home Automation Ideas to Live Luxuriously

Create a Personal Oasis in Your Southampton Home

5 Home Automation Ideas to Live Luxuriously

Why do so many of us wait for vacations to unwind and recharge? It shouldn’t require a wellness retreat to escape the stresses of everyday life. Instead, imagine if your home could feel as luxurious as a five-star hotel. With a luxury home automation system, it’s a real possibility! 

A smart home system automates your lighting, audio, video, and HVAC to proactively respond to your routine, adding little perks to every day. Here’s how it can bring wellness and relaxation to your Southampton, NY house. 

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1. Peaceful Start to the Day 

Smart home systems like Savant allow you to schedule motorized shades and drapes to open automatically in the morning. Just as the sun rises or at your preferred wake-up time, the morning sun can gently filter into your bedroom. A “Good Morning” scene can also set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and gradually brighten ceiling lights over several minutes. 

2. Whole-House Music

Imagine a wall keypad at your front entrance that lets you transform the mood inside. With a press of a button, music can start playing across your property through in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, all in sync. Whether it’s your latest playlist or a motivational podcast, audio follows you with every step you take. 

Whole-home audio extends to the outdoors, too. We install weatherproof speaker systems that all play in unison, connected to streaming services or whatever media sources you’d like to play. So whether you’re setting the table for dinner or enjoying a moonlight swim, music will set the mood in every area. 

3. Cozy & Refreshed 

Who doesn't love a warm, comforting towel after a shower or bath? With a smart home system, you can integrate heated towel racks into the system so they start warming at specified times. Once you step out of the water, a warm towel will always be ready for you. 

In winter, you can make that shower even comfier with automated heated floors. Remote temperature sensors will know if it’s cold and activate the bathroom’s floor switch. The system can automatically power off by 9:30 am or so, so you won’t accidentally waste energy. 

4. Your Wish Is Your Command

Luxury home systems work with voice assistants, too! Whether you prefer Alexa, Google Assistant, or the smart home assistant, you can say commands like “Good Morning,” and the house will respond instantly. Lights will turn on, shades will rise, and you can control the entire house hands-free. 

5. Cozy Nights at Home 

When your lights are too bright and cool-toned after dark, it can create an unsettling, uncomfortable atmosphere. But tunable LED lighting allows you to create an ambiance like a candlelit dinner or cozy wood fire. The system will gradually shift your lights’ appearance by nightfall, so they lower their brightness and warm to an amber hue. 

Bring Luxury Automation to Your Hamptons Home 

Whether you’re ready for a home improvement project or are moving into a new house, Electronic Environments is a certified smart home installer. We can install and program a system that unifies all your devices for simple control. 

Contact us here to speak to our smart home experts! 


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